Our Mission

You should NEVER hesitate to express yourself.

Here at Psychedelic Planet, it is our mission to help YOU express your style, your creativity, and yourselfWe do this by mixing together your greatest dreams, fantasies, and vibes to give you products we know you’ll love. We started our journey as an Instagram page sharing intriguing and inspiring art. Growing quickly to a loyal following of over 100k, we made it our mission to help give you a way to express your imagination and style through art. This sparked the idea for tapestries and many other pieces that we are super excited to release in the future!

Whether you're looking to impress others or simply deck out your favorite areas, we have you covered! We are constantly reviewing your feedback and updating our products to stay up to date with all of your favorite interests.

If you learn anything from us, it should be to never hesitate when it comes to expressing yourself in this short time we call life ;)